Frescos in the main hall of the Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan

Chehel Sutun, Chihil Sutun, Cehel Sotun, Čehel Sotūn
Shah Abbas II receives Nader Mohammad KhanBattle of ChaldiranShah Tahmasp receiving the exiled Emperor Humayun
Shah ʿAbbās II with the Uzbek ambassador

Shah Esmāʿīl’s triumph over the Janissary aga at the battle of Čālderān

Shah Ṭahmāsb I (930-84/1524-76) receiving Homāyūn from India

Shah Abbas I receiving Vali Nadr Muhammad KhanNadir Shah Defeats Moghuls at the Battle of KarnalBattle of Taher-Abad
Shah ʿAbbās I with Walī Moḥammad Khan, Uzbek ruler of TurkistanNāder Shah’s victory over the Mughal emperor Moḥammad of India (1152H/1739AD)The victory of Esmāʿīl I (907-30/1501-24) over the Uzbek Šaybānī Khan
photos by youngrobv

The niches in the centre of the eastern and western walls are completely filled with two battle scenes painted in the Qajar period (18th century).
The other four scenes were added earlier, some twenty years after the completion of the building in 1647.

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