Selected illustrations from
Gospels copied by Toros Roslin,
known as Thoros Roslin, in 1262

or copied for the priest Toros, nephew of Catholicos Constantine I, by Roslin.

The T'oros Roslin (or Sebastia) Gospels
of Cilician Armenia

Walters Ms. W.539

Source The Digital Walters Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA

Referenced as figure 249 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
249A to 249C. Manuscript, A - "Pursuit of the Apostles," B - "Crucifixion," C - "The Betrayal," Four Gospels, 1262 AD, Armenian, Walters Art Gallery, Ms. W. 538, ff. 116v and 191r, Baltimore (Ners A).
p174 Lamellar armour may also have been used in Byzantium in the pre-Islamic era39 (Figs. 90, 91 and 556) but its more widespread adoption after the 7th century clearly reflected Muslim military pressure40 (Figs. 212, 220A, 314, 630 and 637). A smaller but equally common kabadion lamellar cuirass was seen in Byzantium from the 10th century41 (Figs. 227, 242, 249, 314, 414 and 608). This could reflect the changing fashions of eastern Islam, where the lamellar kamaband may have been developed in the 10th century, or it could have been the Byzantine original that stimulated the adoption of this latter Iranian form of armour (Figs. 209, 241, 292, 294, 306, 347, 354, 376, 377, 385, 390, 392, 422, 446, 447 and 641).

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